100% Vegan, halal & kosher

  Just Falafs Menu 

Step one, choose pita, plate or bowl:

Pita– With choice of filling, hummus & salad-                        £4.50 (add aubergine for £1)

Plate– Served on a plate with hummus, pita & salad-              £6.50 (add aubergine for £2)

Bowl– A topped hummus bowl, served with pita & salad-      £7.50 (add aubergine for £2)

Step two, choose your filling/ topping:

Falafel– Homemade chickpea balls blended with our secret recipe of herbs & spices, gfo

Shawarma– Seitan strips marinated in our special shawarma spice mix

Shakshuka– Marinated tofu poached in tomato & pepper sauce, gfo

Sabeich– Iraqi breakfast dish made of aubergine & potato (served cold), gfo

Schnitzel– Ashkenazi recipe made of soya ‘chicken’ pieces, breaded & fried

Other mains:-

Loaded chips plate– Homemade chips topped with spicy tomato sauce, shawarma

& za’tar & served with hummus, a pita & salad-                                                            £7

Loaded chips side– Homemade chips topped with spicy tomato sauce, shawarma

& za’tar & served in a bowl-                                                                                            £4.50

Baba ganoush bowl– Smokey aubergine & tahini dip with pita & salad, gfo-                £7.50

Classic hummus/ masabacha bowl– Served with a pita and salad, gfo-                        £7.50

Salad bowl, gf–                       £4.50 (add a topping from the list above for £1.50 extra, gfo)

Step three, choose a side for £3

Manakish– Toasted pita slices topped with garlic oil & za’tar

Spiced chips– Homemade chips topped with our unique spice blend, gfo

Side of falafel (4 pieces), gf

Side of cauliflower– battered & fried & served with tahini sauce

Fatayer- Tasty filled pasty. Please ask a member of staff for this week’s filling

Baba ganoush- A side of smokey aubergine & tahini dip, gf                                                                                                                                                                                      More on the other sideà

100% Vegan, halal and kosher


Light Bites, £2.50                                                                   

Olives– Mixed green & black olives marinated in mixed herbs & spices, gf

Garnim– Dry roasted mixed nuts & seeds, gf


Desserts, £3.50

Chocolate balls- Rich chocolate, sesame & smashed biscuit balls rolled in coconut flakes

Bread pudding- Cardamon & chocolate chip bread pudding

Rice pudding- Coconut rice pudding with apricot syrup, gf


Cold drinks, bottles £2 & cans £1

Bundaberg root beer/ ginger beer bottles

Fentimans Victorian lemonade/ Curiosity cola/ dandelion & burdock bottles

R.Whites lemonade cans

San Benedetto orangeade cans


Hot drinks-£2

Arabic coffee- Turkish blend coffee, served black, gf

Mint tea- Fresh mint tea, gf

Sahlab- Middle Eastern coconut milk based drink, with ground orchids & topped with cinnamon & coconut, gf


Specials will be available on a regular basis, so please check the board in the cafe

Please inform staff of any allergies or special dietary requirements

Gluten free wraps are available for 50p extra

gf- gluten free & gfo- gluten free options                                                    Just_Falafs